Monday, May 7, 2012

May The 7th

Good Evening May lovers. (Sorry for the picture galore!)

Yes yes it was a lovely day of May where I moved all my dorm stuff back home. Busy day. 

But now onto more important things:

Puppies puppies puppies!!!
I have always been a dog person. It has been my dream to grow up and have a lovely house and have a dog with me. I love dogs! They are so adorable and FLUFFY! And I did have a dog when I was about 5 years old, but my parents gave it away because it was too crazy for us. (I was forever sad)

And since then, I have always wanted a dog again. And ever since I saw "The Artist," I fell in love with the Jack Terrier Russel. 
Jack Terrier Russel I want! (From "The Artist")
Just look at it. The cute eyes. The way it smiles. The fluffiness of it. It is cute. It is the dog of my dreams. This is the dog I imagine myself with when i grow old. It is gorgeous.
Cute Puppy!
And since the beginning of May this year, I have fallen in this puppy fever! I want a puppy. A Jack Terrier Russel Puppy. It is as simple as that. This feeling in my heart won't go away. I want a puppy so I can love it with my whole heart. I will love it and take care of it and give it all the attention it deserves. PUPPPYYY!!!!!! 
Another cute shot of Dog!
Maybe I fell in this puppy fever because I need a happy energy around me. Which is what I want from May: Pure Happiness! And I hope that I can have a  nice, bouncy, and happy friend that will cuddle and protect me. 

It may sound weird, but oh well. I love puppies! :)

Good Night May Lovers! - says awesome dog

Twas the 6th of May

Good evening my fellow May lovers! 

Today was just....AWESOME. I wish I could type in all caps because of how awesome my day was, but it would probably be annoying to all of you, so I'll keep quiet.

I have to be honest though and say that I thought this day was going to be boring because I worked in the morning. It was just busy and stressful. I wanted to chop off my legs and throw food at people. But I got out of work and my mother and sisters were there to take me home.

But we did not go home....

We went to the mall. I do love the mall, but I had one problem: I WAS SUPER HUNGRY!

(little fact about me: I am a fatty at heart. When I do not have food in my system, my mood is foul and horrible)
Me Today! (Source:caah97)

So to fix it, I went to this little shop of snacks at the mall and bought myself a bag of Hot Fries and a Raspberry Snapple. My mood got so much better and I was able to laugh and talk and do weird still stuff at the mall. 

Well...after the mall, we went to the movies and saw THE AVENGERS! Seriously: May was the perfect month to play this movie on!!! It's like movie's birthday present for me! I seriously loved the movie! It was action packed and hilarious! The cool thing about going to the movies with my family is that I can talk to my sister throughout the movie about all the funny stuff. We don't laugh at what they're saying. We mainly laugh at HOW they say it. I can't give too much details because I don't want to give anything away, but if you notice the way they talk, it will make you laugh. And for extra info: Iron Man fan!!! :)
Awesome movie and awesome dinner at a Mexican restaurant with free dessert. 
In conclusion, I did enjoy this first Sunday of May. It was relaxing and great to spend with the family. Plus the moon was so awesome tonight. I didn't get to take a picture of it, but if you imagine this picture without the people and a bit more yellow-orange, you can see what I saw. 
What I thought the Moon looked like tonight (
Wonderful 6th of May and I hope you all have a wonderful May Week :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Revenge of the Fifth

Hello May Lovers and Happy Sunday! 

Apologies if my blog today is a bit boring. But it was the "revenge of the fifth" for me. For every fun day I have, there must be a boring day. And that is how it was for me. 

If you remember from my previous post, I said that Saturday was going to be "Saturday Work Day" or something along those lines. It was all true. I worked my Saturday away. I mean it is good that I am earning money because I have to pay for my expenses and all, but it breaks my heart to waste a Saturday. 
But I worked, and while I can't specifically give details about what happened, I can just bring up a guy making a "pedophile"joke, generous tippers and lots of coconut. (No my job isn't illegal or prostitution)
My Dream Job
But after that long day, I finally got home, laughed and am able to sleep.
So yes....I do apologize that my day couldn't have had circus clowns or flying pigs. It was just another day at work. However, I can say that my day was not horrible. It was good. I liked it. Especially the part when I got to come back home. It's the best feeling ever.

Well hopefully tomorrow is more adventurous, but for now: GOOD NIGHT!! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

Well hello there May lovers!

Friday has finally come to an end. At least for me. I wouldn't be surprised if most of you guys are still out hanging out with friends and committing crazy shenanigans. I am ready to just sleep and get ready for the weekend!

Friday went very well for me. I woke up late which gave me a signal that things were not going to go right. After that I realized that I had a three page essay to type for class due at 2 and had to find my past two essays, which I thought that I through away, for my portfolio. So to sum it all up: I WAS STRESSING OUT! 
Me stressing out if I was a fish. (

But I went to school, got ready, wore my Death Cab For Cutie t-shirt and started my essay. For some reason, it really did not take me that long to type it. (1 hour) And while cleaning my dorm room, I found my past two essays that I needed for class! Yay for me being too lazy to throw them away! I was so happy that I just wanted to dance and frolic. So the stress was gone!

So ladida!! I was ready to go out and print my essay at the library!
When I went outside, I realized, "Oh My Goodness! It's freaking hot outside!" I was wearing a black shirt and the sun was scorching. It was torture just walking, but I didn't want to change shirts! Death Cab For Cutie made my day awesome yesterday, so I dealt with the heat like a boss. Luckily, the classrooms were cold so it balanced out. 
So blah blah blah....printed paper.....walked.........classs.....blah blah teacher talking......more talking.....candy....more talking.....then cleaned dorm, packed everything and had my mom pick me up from school. 

*******Funny thing I noticed today: I am turning into my mother. People are starting to say that I look like her. I am starting to wear lighter colored shirts that are to her liking (excluding today), I sing old spanish songs with her while eating chips in the car, and I am starting to choose the "right" type of clothes for babies. I don't want to be exactly like her, but I do enjoy the feeling of having a part of my mother in me now. Progress? I think so!******** 

But anyways, I finally am getting an iPhone! After waiting and calling at&t customer service, I finally upgraded my phone and am getting it through the mail in 1 to 2 days! And it's mine! I saved up money for it. It is officially mine! :) It is another great purchase that I shall treasure forever!
my new love! ( 
Well after the iPhone fiasco, I had the taco dinner party with my mom and went to the mall and bought a cute baby outfit for my little cousin. Then I went home, watched CSI and now I am here ready to sleep and enjoy my "Saturday Work Day!" tomorrow. 
Another beautiful day of May indeed (sadly, no Star Wars today).
Have a good weekend May people!! 

May 3rd

Hello my fellow May lovers! 
Happy friday to you all. 
My sincere apologies that my Thursday post is this late. Just barely got home and ready to explain all that happened on May 3rd!! 

I planned it all out. I was going to be productive. 
1-Wake up at 7 am
2-Clean my room
3-Organize my clothes
4-More chores
5-Do my Rhetoric paper
6-Study for another essay
7-Fun time morning did not really turn out that way...
1-Woke up at 7:20 am
2-Fell asleep again and woke up at 9:11 am instead
3-Watched "Secret Life of the American Teenager" (am i the only one who wants to slap amy?)
Source: lessoninmotivation (Me today...yes I used a cat picture) 
4-Watched "Big Bang Theory"
5-Ate a banana 
6-Watched "The Matrix"
7-Started "The Matrix Reloaded"
8-Had lunch with my mom
9-Finished "The Matrix Reloaded"
10-Ate grapes
11-Watched "Arthur" (the awesome episode where they have music videos)
12- Waiting for my mom and sister to come home

So basically my day was pretty much sit on the couch, watch tv, and eat.
Pretty chill day, but sadly my mood turned a bit sour. Complete boredom does that to me. I get irritated so easily and have a bad mood. And I hated that because it is May and I am suppose to be in a awesome mood this whole month. But I guess we all have our low days.

Source: pigeonsandplanes (Death Cab for Cutie)
Luckily, today was also "Death Cab for Cutie" Day. They had a concert today at SMU and I went with my sisters. The seats were far, but the view was great. They played all the songs I loved. Ben Gibbard's voice is just amazing. Singing and talking. The smoothness of his voice just leaves you with a feeling I can't explain. Plus all the sad songs he sang at the concert went along well with my sour mood, that it actually made me feel better. Ironic, right? 

So at the end of the night, I had a great time. After the concert my sisters and I went to Taco Bell for a late snack and drink. And now I am back home and looking forward to my 5 hour nap I am going to have today. 

Thank you "Death Cab for Cutie" for coming to Dallas in May and turning my "sour and dull" day awesome!! 
Oh May, you always do have awesome surprises for me! 

Well readers have a great day! 
(or good night) :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2nd of May

Hello my fellow May Lovers, 

Sorry for my late post, but May has kept me quite occupied today.
Where to begin?

Rage Comic about presentation
Well I woke up quite early because of a group presentation I had to go to. I actually got to dress up all fancy and feel like a professional.

 The presentation went well, but our group felt a bit puzzled at the end. But it was over with and I got to enjoy my celebratory chocolate donut at the end! 

After all my classes were over, I started on a birthday video I made for one of my friends. I sent it to her and I got one like from it from some person I don't know. So...I think that means it was humorous and entertaining. I do feel quite accomplished because I made a video on my own and even made the rage comic above us. My creative side was on fire today.

The afternoon was over and I finally got to go home. However, my sisters and I did make a pit stop at "Five Guys: Burgers and Fries" before getting home. It was my first time trying it. I got the "little bacon cheeseburger" and a small order of regular fries. The cashier told us that the small size could feed two people.....he probably thought we were normal human beings who do not obsess over french fries. Sadly, we believed him and were shocked at the small amount of fries. 

Source: Burgerdays
(No, i'm not advertising it)
There is a good side here!! When I got home, I realized that we had a very small amount of ketchup left in the fridge (my mom and sister are lost without me) so the amount of fries and ketchup actually worked out for us. Plus, the burger was delicious!! :)

After watching some spanish comedy shows and working out at the gym, I finally have the chance to go to bed and relax while I type this post. Another great May day! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day (May 1st)

Happy May Day my lovely readers!

Cute Squirrel I Drew at the Gazebo

It is the beginning of a lovely month. I could not stop smiling the entire day because it was so pretty.
I started out with a great morning of getting ready, eating a Nutri-Grain bar, studying for my exam, and going to design class. 
I was ready to go outside and walk out to class. All of sudden, I realize what a gorgeous day it is. The flowers were all colorful, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing. All I needed was this huge spring song playing in the background for me to start skipping like a little child. 

After class and having lunch, I decided to enjoy the outdoors and study at my school's Gazebo. 

However, May did not want me to study. Once I got to the Gazebo, the wind was telling me "Don't study! Enjoy this lovely weather in the shade! If you try to study, I am going to make the wind turn into a tornado!" And it did that! 

Sadly, I had to study. So when I was getting ready to leave, I realized that this was going to be my last time hanging out at the Gazebo for the school year. It was a symbolic farewell for me since this is my last full day here at my school. It was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my last "hoorah" here and I have May to thank for that.
 Have a lovely day people! :)
***wish me luck on the exam please***

Monday, April 30, 2012

The May Project

I have not updated my blog in such a long time and I apologize for that.
But to make up for all this lost time, I have come up with a small project for me:

The May Project.

Tomorrow is May Day. May is my favorite month. It's perfect. The weather is beautiful. The spring feeling is great. It's Spring's final goodbye before summer takes over. Plus my birthday is in May. :) I just want people to appreciate the month of Kay and how someone like me can enjoy this beautiful month.

So a picture shall be posted of my day and a post about how it went. 
I don't have events planned out for each day, so it will all be a surprise for me too.
May is an awesome month and if I end up staying at work an entire day, then so be it. I will enjoy it :)

Not only does this show how awesome and epic May is, but it is also an exercise to help myself become a bit more optimistic. Lately, I have been a bit of a "Debbie Downer" and it's not really good for me. So hopefully this exercise changes this up for me. 

May is a wonderful month. Let's welcome it with a bang! :)

Here's a Coldplay song to say goodbye to April and "Hello!" to May

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Olive Theory

The Olive Theory Video <------click on it to watch it

(short blog post this time)
After watching the pilot episode of "How I Met Your Mother," i found myself captured by the idea of 'The Olive Theory.' So apparently, since Marshall doesn't like olives and Lily does, they are a perfect match. I guess that does sound right in a cute sort of way, but what if it goes towards everything then? 
It could be that opposites do attract, or that the love of your life has to be the type of person you would never want to be with. 
So in all, this big epiphany popped into my head that the love of my life has to probably be the exact opposite of me. He'll never hog all my ketchup. I can always argue with him about what I think. Of course he will have the obvious traits like being nice, sweet, handsome. The only differences will be our hobbies and interests. It may sound weird at first, but it will always keep the relationship interesting. And since most relationships end because of boredom, it will probably work out.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Panda. My Hero.

Most kids have a special toy in their lives. Like Toy Story, Andy had Woody and Woody always had a special part in his heart. Kids have a nice stuffed puppy or a cute teddy bear or a nice fluffy blanket. Me? Well I have a nice Panda Bear. My best friend, Bamboo <3
It was fate
I first got Bamboo when i was about 7 years old. My sister and I had to have our tonsils removed. Luckily, we got out of surgery alright and safe, and my sister and I were living off on mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. Sadly, my sister got sick after surgery and was stuck in bed for a while. Our eldest sister, at this time, had a boyfriend who was very sweet and heard that our sister was sick, so he bought her a Panda bear to make her feel better. I remember the very night I saw him. My eldest sister walked into our room with a big black blob and gave it to my sister, but I heard her reject it. Then I saw her put it in the corner of my bed. But being half asleep, I didn't have the energy to get up and see what the black blob was. That following morning, I wake up and see a nice stuffed Panda bear in the corner of my bed. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life.
Life with a Panda
I was a 7 yr old girl. Of course I took this panda everywhere I went. He would be in the car with me. I would watch tv with him. (and yes i declared him a he). I wouldn't sleep without this Panda bear. But once you name it, it shows that you really are close to it. Where did I get the name? The library. Since this Panda bear was so unique and special, I decided to do some research on it. So I went to my school library and would check-out books about Pandas.
specials facts?
1) Pandas aren't really considered bears. They are actually closely related to raccoons.
2) Pandas are mainly vegetarian so they mainly eat Bamboo
3) If given the option, however, Pandas will eat dead animals
4) The natural habitat for Pandas is in China and are endangered
After reading the Panda books a billion times, I came up with the perfect name for my Panda, Bamboo. It was the most beautiful name I had ever come up with (i was 7) and it was perfect.
Bamboo was always there for me. Whenever I got mad at my sisters, I would tell Bamboo about it. If my parents were fighting, Bamboo would be there to hug me. If I was by myself at home. Bamboo would be there to keep me company. And if I need to cry, Bamboo would be there to dry my tears with his soft fluffy fur. He gave me so much and he knew too much about me. I wanted to even return the favor for everything he does for me. I found him a bear to marry and keep him company while I was at school. So he would never ever be alone. And let me say that the wedding was beautiful :).
Growing up.
As years passed by, I was starting to grow older and some of my toys were being given away. Sometimes my mom would get some of my old stuffed animals and put them away in the closet or the garage. And even sometimes, my mom would try and sneak Bamboo away from me, but I would always end up finding it. Or sometimes, Bamboo would find me. Whenever I was sad, he would find me hiding in my closet and would dry my tears and listen to my problems. And I kept him there in the corner of my bed, ready to be there for me. But then came the point where I was going to college, and without a second to think about it, I packed Bamboo with me and took him to college. Even though I'm growing up and everything, i swear i'm never leaving Bamboo behind. I might not take him with me everywhere I go like when i was little, but in the end of the day, I know that Bamboo will be there. I've never felt alone with Bamboo.
My Promise

Bamboo has been there for me. When i needed a hug, his nice furry hugs were there ready for me. When i wanted to cry, Bamboo has been there to dry them off. When i had problems going on, Bamboo was there to listen to me. Bamboo has my whole childhood life in it. Bamboo knows all my secrets. No judgement. Just love. And i've decided to keep him forever. And my promise is that when I grow up, and if i'm blessed with a family of my own, i promise that i am going to give my first kid the gift of Bamboo. Bamboo will be there to be a friend of my kid and make that kid feel as happy as i did with him. My kid will have Bamboo know that there is always someone there for him/her to listen and hug when it seems like no one else is there. My kid will have Bamboo. My kid will have my life.

Friday, January 6, 2012

La Montaña

A brand new year. New changes. Becoming a better person. Etc. 
Most of my New Years, i have always had the same resolutions like doing better in school, acting better towards everyone, lose a couple of pounds but those resolutions would fade away by the second day of the new year. 
Sadly, my New Year did not go very well because I got into an accident that day. No one died or got seriously injured. Sure, cars got damaged, people got scared, hospital visits happened and such, but all those things can be replaced or fixed. But accidents like that also changes people.
So many thoughts went through my head, "what if i went that way?" "what if this never happened?" "why me?" but asking these questions was not really going to get rid of what happened. And i must admit, that i fell in a deep depression and fear because of this. My image of a perfect world was gone. I was afraid and filled with guilt all around and truly felt like i wouldn't get better. I had friends who would try to help me feel better and my family tried their best to make me get over it, but nothing really seemed to help.
It only got to a point when my mother told me to motivate myself to become better. It depends on ourselves to feel better. But i know that it also took some help from God (i'm Catholic) and then it came to me. What everyone has been trying to tell me this entire time. I should be thankful that I am alive. No one died. The damage is not that bad with the car. The insurance agency has been treating us with kindness and clarity. And my whole family bond feels so much better. I remember that i told God to please help me not feel alone anymore. Sure I had to go through an accident to realize i was never alone, but the lessons God gives us are worth it.
When people try to find happiness, they try to look at big extravagant images or situations. But i found mine yesterday. I was in the car with my mom. The sun was almost setting. The weather was beautiful. I turned on the radio and Roberto Carlos came on. A certain song came on and it's called La Montaña. The message says how he's going to enjoy everyday and that he is happy for everything he has. It's a beautiful song of joy towards God. The message it had made me smile and the conversations my mother and I were having was nice. It reminded me of the times when i was little and i remembered how happy i was. When i didn't worry about anything in the world. And i realized that these are the moments where you find truehappiness. Everyone has a small moment when they're happy, they just have to go look for it. Because it is, we only live once. Hence the title of my entire blog site. and now, i've barely realized what my title meant. We do only live once. We can't let negative things or people ruin or days. Each day is different and we choose to either let negativity ruin it or let ourselves make the day great and memorable. We have 366 days this year to make each one great and all it takes is for ourselves to make it great.

 La Montaña (here's the song i heard. yes it is in spanish, but hopefully the mood of the song makes you enjoy the message)