Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Olive Theory

The Olive Theory Video <------click on it to watch it

(short blog post this time)
After watching the pilot episode of "How I Met Your Mother," i found myself captured by the idea of 'The Olive Theory.' So apparently, since Marshall doesn't like olives and Lily does, they are a perfect match. I guess that does sound right in a cute sort of way, but what if it goes towards everything then? 
It could be that opposites do attract, or that the love of your life has to be the type of person you would never want to be with. 
So in all, this big epiphany popped into my head that the love of my life has to probably be the exact opposite of me. He'll never hog all my ketchup. I can always argue with him about what I think. Of course he will have the obvious traits like being nice, sweet, handsome. The only differences will be our hobbies and interests. It may sound weird at first, but it will always keep the relationship interesting. And since most relationships end because of boredom, it will probably work out.

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