Friday, January 6, 2012

La Montaña

A brand new year. New changes. Becoming a better person. Etc. 
Most of my New Years, i have always had the same resolutions like doing better in school, acting better towards everyone, lose a couple of pounds but those resolutions would fade away by the second day of the new year. 
Sadly, my New Year did not go very well because I got into an accident that day. No one died or got seriously injured. Sure, cars got damaged, people got scared, hospital visits happened and such, but all those things can be replaced or fixed. But accidents like that also changes people.
So many thoughts went through my head, "what if i went that way?" "what if this never happened?" "why me?" but asking these questions was not really going to get rid of what happened. And i must admit, that i fell in a deep depression and fear because of this. My image of a perfect world was gone. I was afraid and filled with guilt all around and truly felt like i wouldn't get better. I had friends who would try to help me feel better and my family tried their best to make me get over it, but nothing really seemed to help.
It only got to a point when my mother told me to motivate myself to become better. It depends on ourselves to feel better. But i know that it also took some help from God (i'm Catholic) and then it came to me. What everyone has been trying to tell me this entire time. I should be thankful that I am alive. No one died. The damage is not that bad with the car. The insurance agency has been treating us with kindness and clarity. And my whole family bond feels so much better. I remember that i told God to please help me not feel alone anymore. Sure I had to go through an accident to realize i was never alone, but the lessons God gives us are worth it.
When people try to find happiness, they try to look at big extravagant images or situations. But i found mine yesterday. I was in the car with my mom. The sun was almost setting. The weather was beautiful. I turned on the radio and Roberto Carlos came on. A certain song came on and it's called La Montaña. The message says how he's going to enjoy everyday and that he is happy for everything he has. It's a beautiful song of joy towards God. The message it had made me smile and the conversations my mother and I were having was nice. It reminded me of the times when i was little and i remembered how happy i was. When i didn't worry about anything in the world. And i realized that these are the moments where you find truehappiness. Everyone has a small moment when they're happy, they just have to go look for it. Because it is, we only live once. Hence the title of my entire blog site. and now, i've barely realized what my title meant. We do only live once. We can't let negative things or people ruin or days. Each day is different and we choose to either let negativity ruin it or let ourselves make the day great and memorable. We have 366 days this year to make each one great and all it takes is for ourselves to make it great.

 La Montaña (here's the song i heard. yes it is in spanish, but hopefully the mood of the song makes you enjoy the message)

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