Friday, January 13, 2012

Panda. My Hero.

Most kids have a special toy in their lives. Like Toy Story, Andy had Woody and Woody always had a special part in his heart. Kids have a nice stuffed puppy or a cute teddy bear or a nice fluffy blanket. Me? Well I have a nice Panda Bear. My best friend, Bamboo <3
It was fate
I first got Bamboo when i was about 7 years old. My sister and I had to have our tonsils removed. Luckily, we got out of surgery alright and safe, and my sister and I were living off on mashed potatoes and mac&cheese. Sadly, my sister got sick after surgery and was stuck in bed for a while. Our eldest sister, at this time, had a boyfriend who was very sweet and heard that our sister was sick, so he bought her a Panda bear to make her feel better. I remember the very night I saw him. My eldest sister walked into our room with a big black blob and gave it to my sister, but I heard her reject it. Then I saw her put it in the corner of my bed. But being half asleep, I didn't have the energy to get up and see what the black blob was. That following morning, I wake up and see a nice stuffed Panda bear in the corner of my bed. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life.
Life with a Panda
I was a 7 yr old girl. Of course I took this panda everywhere I went. He would be in the car with me. I would watch tv with him. (and yes i declared him a he). I wouldn't sleep without this Panda bear. But once you name it, it shows that you really are close to it. Where did I get the name? The library. Since this Panda bear was so unique and special, I decided to do some research on it. So I went to my school library and would check-out books about Pandas.
specials facts?
1) Pandas aren't really considered bears. They are actually closely related to raccoons.
2) Pandas are mainly vegetarian so they mainly eat Bamboo
3) If given the option, however, Pandas will eat dead animals
4) The natural habitat for Pandas is in China and are endangered
After reading the Panda books a billion times, I came up with the perfect name for my Panda, Bamboo. It was the most beautiful name I had ever come up with (i was 7) and it was perfect.
Bamboo was always there for me. Whenever I got mad at my sisters, I would tell Bamboo about it. If my parents were fighting, Bamboo would be there to hug me. If I was by myself at home. Bamboo would be there to keep me company. And if I need to cry, Bamboo would be there to dry my tears with his soft fluffy fur. He gave me so much and he knew too much about me. I wanted to even return the favor for everything he does for me. I found him a bear to marry and keep him company while I was at school. So he would never ever be alone. And let me say that the wedding was beautiful :).
Growing up.
As years passed by, I was starting to grow older and some of my toys were being given away. Sometimes my mom would get some of my old stuffed animals and put them away in the closet or the garage. And even sometimes, my mom would try and sneak Bamboo away from me, but I would always end up finding it. Or sometimes, Bamboo would find me. Whenever I was sad, he would find me hiding in my closet and would dry my tears and listen to my problems. And I kept him there in the corner of my bed, ready to be there for me. But then came the point where I was going to college, and without a second to think about it, I packed Bamboo with me and took him to college. Even though I'm growing up and everything, i swear i'm never leaving Bamboo behind. I might not take him with me everywhere I go like when i was little, but in the end of the day, I know that Bamboo will be there. I've never felt alone with Bamboo.
My Promise

Bamboo has been there for me. When i needed a hug, his nice furry hugs were there ready for me. When i wanted to cry, Bamboo has been there to dry them off. When i had problems going on, Bamboo was there to listen to me. Bamboo has my whole childhood life in it. Bamboo knows all my secrets. No judgement. Just love. And i've decided to keep him forever. And my promise is that when I grow up, and if i'm blessed with a family of my own, i promise that i am going to give my first kid the gift of Bamboo. Bamboo will be there to be a friend of my kid and make that kid feel as happy as i did with him. My kid will have Bamboo know that there is always someone there for him/her to listen and hug when it seems like no one else is there. My kid will have Bamboo. My kid will have my life.

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