Friday, September 9, 2011

Ketchup and Me...a true love story

oh ketchup....the love i feel for you burns with the intensity of a thousand suns
the way you add pleasure to my food
the way you look at me when i'm about to devour you
the way you enrich my life with utter love and joy
being near you just takes my breath away
your deep red color matches the blood thirst i have for you
i love the way you look at me with great intensity
you never hold back your goodness to me...
i feel your love every time i'm with you
no one can separate us, for they know
and i know
that we were meant
to be <3

that my friends is my love for ketchup....yes some of you may think that i'm probably crazy and are about to stop reading my blog forever...but please know that i am in a healthy mental stage :)
i don't really know when this love story between ketchup and me began.
i don't always remember being this obsessed about it, or maybe i just never took notice how much i loved it until my friends critiqued my over usage of ketchup in my meals. well now that i think about it, i do remember when i was about 6 years old and after ....oh yes! i do remember now when my love for ketchup occurred!
The beginning!
i was 5 or 6 years old. my mother made hot dogs for dinner and sadly enough....when i got to the end of my hot dog, all that was left was the end of a bun and some ketchup. i don't like to waste food, so i ate the bun and ketchup by itself, and i realized (chorus music hear) that i actually liked the taste of that....i liked it so much that i was tempted to just eat a bun and add ketchup to it. but i knew that my family would not like the sight of that on our dinner table, so when everyone was back doing their business in the house, i snuck back to the kitchen and smeared a piece of bread with was odd and not like the first time i had it...which made me realize that it needed the taste of other food to make it work. so, from there on, i started adding more ketchup to all my food to make it taste just the way i like it :)
My problem?
i don't really think it's a problem at all actually. my mom and sisters grew accustomed to my over usage of ketchup that i never really noticed anymore how much i used....but what i did notice is that when there wasn't any ketchup at home, i wasn't  satisfied with dinner. i needed ketchup. then i realized that not only was i using too much ketchup on my food, but i used too much hot sauce on my chips, too much syrup on my pancakes, too much butter on the popcorn....i was using too much condiments on my was as if the main entree and the condiments switched jobs in my diet. but i'm still a healthy person, so i see no big issue with this at all.
but i guess the big issue is showing my friends this. one day, while eating lunch with my friends, i had a chicken sandwich and of course i needed ketchup......while i was talking with my friends and opening the ketchup packets, i noticed that they were all staring at my plate.....i looked down and saw nothing wrong, and asked ,"what's wrong?" they pointed out that i was using too many ketchup was just about 14 ketchup packets....i saw nothing wrong with it.....their responses:
"would you like some fries with that?"
"you know how much sodium you taking?"
"that's like A LOT of ketchup."
"uhm....(insert judging face here)" be honest, i don't really give a fuck what people say of me, or their judgements, but for some reason, those comments hurt me a little....because what they don't realize is that my intake of ketchup was part of my lifestyle now, and being judged for that hurts a bit.
yet, i overcame that obstacle and from there on, if anyone said anything negative about my ketchup intake, i would defend myself. and of course, my friends...being friends got used to the fact that i wasn't going to change anything about it.
here in college, however, i was afraid that i was going to be judged again for that (i bring a bottle of ketchup with me)....yes, it does turn some people's heads when they see how much ketchup i use or when i pull out my own bottle of ketchup from my bag, but i realized in college that i'm not alone. i saw one guy use a whole bowl for ketchup, and that small moment made me realize that i shouldn't care if people get used to it. i'm just going to eat the food the way i want to.
so in a way, ketchup not only makes my food taste so much better, but it gave me the motivation to keep on living the way i want to. i don't have to change anything about myself to meet the standards of people. besides, just because using ketchup has become a part of my lifestyle, it doesn't really identify me as a person at all. i'm still me.
and i guess that's why it's a true love story between me and ketchup. we help each other in a weird way i guess. i buy ketchup and help the big business up and running, and ketchup has helped me not be afraid to do what i do. ketchup just reminds me that i define myself, and no one else can do that. there is something in everyone that makes us unique and/weird, but we can't hide it.
and i hope that one person who understands this blog will understand that maybe we all just need a lot of ketchup in life.

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