Wednesday, August 24, 2011

pride and prejudice

after my first day of college, i have decided to watch pride and prejudice just because i felt like it :)
this movie is full of love and
in my view, love is full of complication, betrayal, second chances, stupidity, fragileness, blindness and joy. well..there is more to say about love, but it is just too complicated for me to explain it.
i have no big experience in love. i mean i can say that i've been in love before but, it just ended badly, so i wonder if it was even love.
this is such a hard topic to explain, but i feel like i must try and see what i come up with.
however, Jane Austen seems to have a good grasp on what love is. she makes love seems "cute"
she makes it so romantic and foolish that it makes some people excited about falling in love.
Mr. Darcy for example, becomes extremely foolish and even with his pride, acts like those poor losers he stands on. or mr. bingley, who has the corny love feelings, by staring at jane all the time. saying the wrong things and turns red and acts extremely nervous in front of his love. i mean, some readers might think that's the basis of true love and gives the story the happy ending, but in reality, it isn't. the thing about pride and prejudice that austen seems to make wonderful and romantic is where the characters give their loved ones the second chance.
mr. darcy/elizabeth and mr. bingley/jane realize that they made huge mistakes and realize that their loved ones made the same mistakes too, and apart from all that drama, give their soul mates a second chance. i know i'm not explaining this very well, but it just takes some deep understanding to get it. better understand austen's grasp on love, persuasion could be a better book to read.
i know i'm too optimistic and hope that my mr.bingley or mr. darcy is out there or maybe i already have him...maybe i'm just filling my head with nonsense...
second chances...funny phrase....maybe that's what love is. even after all these stuff that one person does to you, even after all the pain you went through, you still find it in your heart to forgive and love that one person forever. and like in persuasion, it took forever for a second chance, but it happened...and even though it took a long time for them to find each other, the ending was happy.
and maybe jane austen and all her books just give everyone hope that we can have a love story, we just have to write it on our own.

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