Monday, August 22, 2011

mother knows best..dangit...

came back from college camp and had a pretty good time :)
but now that i'm back from all that stuff, i just recently got off the phone with my mother, and let's just say it wasn't the best conversation i've had with her. sure i get mad with my mother, but at the end, i've realized that she is right about EVERYTHING...and i mean
E V E R Y T H I N G !!!!!!!!
and only now i do realize that she will always be right because she is my mother. it is a power that all mothers gain, once they finish giving birth. it's something scientists or historians will never be able to explain. the fact is just stated that your mother is always right.
...since i can't explain why mothers are always right, especially mine. i guess i can just give examples of how my mother is right about everything!
my mother always tells me how i can't share that much with friends. like my secrets and how i can't get too close to them. i would tell one of my best friends everything, and my mother didn't enjoy that because she told me that it would just end up biting me in the butt. and secondly, my mother did not really like my best friend at that time. there was just something about her that made my mom uneasy about her. and what happens at the end? that "best friend" of 9 yrs uses all my secrets against me with my ex-boyfriend...and they end up dating...soooo my mom was sort of right about her. and when i mean "sort of" i mean "TOTALLY" right. i mean, even though it took 9 years for me to realize what a mean person she's weird how my mom was right.
i love to wear whatever i's a way i like to express myself. and when i go shopping, i like to choose my clothes, but when my mother comes along, it really becomes complicated. she chooses some clothes for me to wear and i don't agree at times, but because i don't want to sound mean, i end up buying it. or sometimes i buy something without my mother, but when she sees it, she disapproves of it. the part where she's right? i wear the clothes she chose, and i find out that it is the cutest thing and all my friends are jealous and compliment me :) times when i wear the clothes that my mother hated, i find out that i made a big mistake because it ends up looking ugly on me...when that happens, i say "my mom was sooo right. i feel stupid"
even one time, i was going to wear a skirt with a very nice shirt, but my mom tells me to wear capris instead because i'll feel awkward with a skirt at school. i get upset and wear the capris, BUT i take the skirt with me anyways and plan to change when i get to school because i wanted to feel cute. so i go to school and head to the bathroom as planned, but when i changed, i felt sooooo uncomfortable. the outcome: i changed back to the capris and felt comfy and nice. it was one of those moments when i feel stupid for doubting my mother.
ehh....what can i say? i was dating a mother didn't feel right about the end, i didn't feel right about it and it mom was right....same old same old...
i eat like alot of food and my mother tells me not to eat that much...i, of course, do not listen and eat like a pig. i end up gaining weight and my mother tells me that she tried to warn me not to eat...and she was right. so now i have to be careful to eat right in front of her. because she is always right
i love my mother dearly...she is the best mom in the world who is always there for me when i need her. she'll never do anything to hurt me and loves me even when i do stupid stuff and disobey her. she has given up so much for me and my sisters. without her i would of been lost

now that i'm at college, it's kind of hard not to have her around me. she's not keeping me in shape or telling me when to sleep, or to do homework, or what clothes look good on me. so now that i'm on my own, i try to make my conscience sound like her. it's gonna take some time, and i know it won't ever be the same like having my mom here with me, but i hope it at least helps me from killing myself here.
i mean...there are some things that i wish my mother wasn't right about, but i know at the end that she is right and that won't ever change and that everything she does is because she loves me...maybe when i'm a mother (if i ever plan on it) i'll be like her and be right. and at the end i will understand how much low communication really hurts her. it sucks to admit that your mom is right, but it's nice to know i have my angel caring about me

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