Friday, August 19, 2011

Something New

yeah i haven't really written anything in my blog since i've created it. i mean i have logged on sometimes to see if anyone has seen it. so a shot out to the person from germany who read my blog. what can i say about my summer? it was pretty exciting...all i seem to remember is working and working...sure i had some fun days like going to six flags, hanging out with my friends but i feel like i could of had a better summer.
oh well..the summer is in the past now...i have a new beginning : COLLEGE!
so i'm starting a new chapter in my life.
new friends
new lifestyle
new bed
and new enemies
except this time, i'm going to be totally different. my mother would always seem to tell me this summer how i can't mess it up here. and even though i was getting annoyed by her constant naggging about being responsible, it didn't hit me until she left me alone in my dorm that she was right.
i have to be responsible
i'm going to college to succeed and not mess around.
i'm actually paying money to i might as well not waste it
i am an adult now...grrr...

another thing i want to change about myself is being more social! i used to be sooooo quiet when i was at school back at home. it would take me a while to finally make some friends.
so since i'm here at college, i have to have connections, which means, i have to make friends...and so far, it's pretty easy :) my room mate and i actually get along, i made another friend who seems pretty cool and smart
i chatted with a guy at my orientation
and even say what's up to some people i see along the hallway. so far, i'm really enjoying college...but what im doing in college will be posted later on a different post. :)

it is true that i do miss my home and some certain people...just because i'm starting something new, doesn't mean i have to leave them all behind, but my longing to be with those people and home can't just interfere with my new life...i have to start something new like balancing my whole life together and hope that it all turns out well :) im open to trying something new ;)

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