Friday, May 4, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

Well hello there May lovers!

Friday has finally come to an end. At least for me. I wouldn't be surprised if most of you guys are still out hanging out with friends and committing crazy shenanigans. I am ready to just sleep and get ready for the weekend!

Friday went very well for me. I woke up late which gave me a signal that things were not going to go right. After that I realized that I had a three page essay to type for class due at 2 and had to find my past two essays, which I thought that I through away, for my portfolio. So to sum it all up: I WAS STRESSING OUT! 
Me stressing out if I was a fish. (

But I went to school, got ready, wore my Death Cab For Cutie t-shirt and started my essay. For some reason, it really did not take me that long to type it. (1 hour) And while cleaning my dorm room, I found my past two essays that I needed for class! Yay for me being too lazy to throw them away! I was so happy that I just wanted to dance and frolic. So the stress was gone!

So ladida!! I was ready to go out and print my essay at the library!
When I went outside, I realized, "Oh My Goodness! It's freaking hot outside!" I was wearing a black shirt and the sun was scorching. It was torture just walking, but I didn't want to change shirts! Death Cab For Cutie made my day awesome yesterday, so I dealt with the heat like a boss. Luckily, the classrooms were cold so it balanced out. 
So blah blah blah....printed paper.....walked.........classs.....blah blah teacher talking......more talking.....candy....more talking.....then cleaned dorm, packed everything and had my mom pick me up from school. 

*******Funny thing I noticed today: I am turning into my mother. People are starting to say that I look like her. I am starting to wear lighter colored shirts that are to her liking (excluding today), I sing old spanish songs with her while eating chips in the car, and I am starting to choose the "right" type of clothes for babies. I don't want to be exactly like her, but I do enjoy the feeling of having a part of my mother in me now. Progress? I think so!******** 

But anyways, I finally am getting an iPhone! After waiting and calling at&t customer service, I finally upgraded my phone and am getting it through the mail in 1 to 2 days! And it's mine! I saved up money for it. It is officially mine! :) It is another great purchase that I shall treasure forever!
my new love! ( 
Well after the iPhone fiasco, I had the taco dinner party with my mom and went to the mall and bought a cute baby outfit for my little cousin. Then I went home, watched CSI and now I am here ready to sleep and enjoy my "Saturday Work Day!" tomorrow. 
Another beautiful day of May indeed (sadly, no Star Wars today).
Have a good weekend May people!! 

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