Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2nd of May

Hello my fellow May Lovers, 

Sorry for my late post, but May has kept me quite occupied today.
Where to begin?

Rage Comic about presentation
Well I woke up quite early because of a group presentation I had to go to. I actually got to dress up all fancy and feel like a professional.

 The presentation went well, but our group felt a bit puzzled at the end. But it was over with and I got to enjoy my celebratory chocolate donut at the end! 

After all my classes were over, I started on a birthday video I made for one of my friends. I sent it to her and I got one like from it from some person I don't know. So...I think that means it was humorous and entertaining. I do feel quite accomplished because I made a video on my own and even made the rage comic above us. My creative side was on fire today.

The afternoon was over and I finally got to go home. However, my sisters and I did make a pit stop at "Five Guys: Burgers and Fries" before getting home. It was my first time trying it. I got the "little bacon cheeseburger" and a small order of regular fries. The cashier told us that the small size could feed two people.....he probably thought we were normal human beings who do not obsess over french fries. Sadly, we believed him and were shocked at the small amount of fries. 

Source: Burgerdays
(No, i'm not advertising it)
There is a good side here!! When I got home, I realized that we had a very small amount of ketchup left in the fridge (my mom and sister are lost without me) so the amount of fries and ketchup actually worked out for us. Plus, the burger was delicious!! :)

After watching some spanish comedy shows and working out at the gym, I finally have the chance to go to bed and relax while I type this post. Another great May day! 

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