Monday, May 7, 2012

Twas the 6th of May

Good evening my fellow May lovers! 

Today was just....AWESOME. I wish I could type in all caps because of how awesome my day was, but it would probably be annoying to all of you, so I'll keep quiet.

I have to be honest though and say that I thought this day was going to be boring because I worked in the morning. It was just busy and stressful. I wanted to chop off my legs and throw food at people. But I got out of work and my mother and sisters were there to take me home.

But we did not go home....

We went to the mall. I do love the mall, but I had one problem: I WAS SUPER HUNGRY!

(little fact about me: I am a fatty at heart. When I do not have food in my system, my mood is foul and horrible)
Me Today! (Source:caah97)

So to fix it, I went to this little shop of snacks at the mall and bought myself a bag of Hot Fries and a Raspberry Snapple. My mood got so much better and I was able to laugh and talk and do weird still stuff at the mall. 

Well...after the mall, we went to the movies and saw THE AVENGERS! Seriously: May was the perfect month to play this movie on!!! It's like movie's birthday present for me! I seriously loved the movie! It was action packed and hilarious! The cool thing about going to the movies with my family is that I can talk to my sister throughout the movie about all the funny stuff. We don't laugh at what they're saying. We mainly laugh at HOW they say it. I can't give too much details because I don't want to give anything away, but if you notice the way they talk, it will make you laugh. And for extra info: Iron Man fan!!! :)
Awesome movie and awesome dinner at a Mexican restaurant with free dessert. 
In conclusion, I did enjoy this first Sunday of May. It was relaxing and great to spend with the family. Plus the moon was so awesome tonight. I didn't get to take a picture of it, but if you imagine this picture without the people and a bit more yellow-orange, you can see what I saw. 
What I thought the Moon looked like tonight (
Wonderful 6th of May and I hope you all have a wonderful May Week :)

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